When does it finally stop? And when does it start? Actually start. When does a man stop thinking and start acting on his thoughts. It might vary from person to person, but when does that itch become a scratch. Which definite moment in a man’s life, lets the flow of his thoughts, eventually out of his system? It’s like hunger, slowly building up in your tummy, only pushes you out of your seat when it reaches saturation. What’s also worth a thought – is the outcome of such saturation more powerful than the outcome just after some considerable thinking. When did Gandhi actually start the non-violence movement? After enduring all the injustice and thinking this is the time to do it. If he had started earlier, would he have failed, forgotten the whole idea and developed a whole new concept. Another common example would be when does a mother come to a conclusion enough is enough and punish the kid. Even more common dilemma faced, when is the right time to quit the job. When water reaches the brim and is about to spill or when it’s still boiling. What if by the time one has taken the action to quit he has lost a profitable opportunity. Thinking and not mustering the courage to take an action or just being lazy, whatever the reason may be, how does one know yes this is that moment. Could depend on a lot of factors, like circumstances, confidence, ability to deal with the outcome, support needed. But, one needs stop making his mind a home to his thoughts and open doors to its potentials. It’s only when a seed of thought took an action that revolution occurred. Someone stopped thinking and started acting. You be the one today. Put at least one thought of yours into action each day. And after few days you will have found new thoughts in your mind. You will be replenished. I have been thinking about writing this article for some time now, glad I put it into action.