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Amsterdam Diaries

Discovering the I in I Amsterdam. The freedom to explore, the feeling of extensive spaces and bigness make me comfortable, rather less claustrophobic. I have always lived in capital cities, but the last two years of my life were spent in a small city – Eindhoven. Therefore, to experience another capital city my husband and [...]

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You vs. You

You ate pasta with white sauce for dinner yesterday. But, actually you would have preferred red sauce. That’s why, your poor dog had to eat it all. Is this information going to feed the famine affected South Africans? Well, it will surely feed the minds of readers, who stumble upon this unwanted information updated on [...]

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Does your hand still write?

Today, I wrote down a message, as it was being dictated to me over the telephone. I forgot about it immediately. However, a few days later when I needed it, I simply couldn’t read it. I struggled to make sense out of it. Rotated the paper in all directions to try and understand it; spent [...]

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Are you still thinking?

When does it finally stop? And when does it start? Actually start. When does a man stop thinking and start acting on his thoughts. It might vary from person to person, but when does that itch become a scratch. Which definite moment in a man’s life, lets the flow of his thoughts, eventually out of [...]

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Where do you lie?

In between the crack of a wall Or on the cloud that crawls into a shape I think you are everywhere. But, when I look for you, you are nowhere, Oh my dear! Where do you lie? When my mind finally catches hold of you Surprisingly! Even my heart smiles. But before I can gather [...]

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As the dawn battles the night, Pushing itself through the stars, It kisses the earth and breaks. Dodges your slumber, tickles your air, Till you open your eyes to scare it away. Every morning, it wages war, And as you gather yourself to face the day, You win a battle every day. [...]

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Why creative professionals are better individuals?

Everyone is creative. Unfortunately, there is no big deal about it. Each one of us, within his/her capacity can think out-of-the-box. But, it could be inside-the-box for someone else. The degree of creativity might alter or differ in perception; but the unrelenting truth is, creativity still thrives in one’s soul. So, what does a creative [...]

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