Project Description

Create a TV Commercial to promote the benefits of the Boroplus Cold Cream.

In India, as a tradition, when a person leaves his house for a task or to achieve an important feat, a black kohl dot is put on his face to ward off the evil eye and protect him.
Similarly, a single dot of Boroplus Cream is sufficient to ward off the harsh winter in India. Even one small dot of cream is enough to protect your skin from the rough winter.
Shot across 9 locations across India by ace film-maker Raju Hirani, this brilliant commercial is set to the tunes composed by Shantanu Moitra. It has the superstar of the millenium – Amitabh Bachchan endorsing the Brand.
RESULTS: The campagin ran sucessfully for three years in India and increased the sales of the cream during winter.
Everest Brand Solutions (Rediffusion), Mumbai
Client: Boroplus Cream
Media: TV Commercial