Even your breath changes with every season!

Even your breath changes with every season! Eliminating indoor air pollution in your baby’s room is a huge challenge in itself. Seasonal changes make it even more difficult. Every season influences the quality of air in your homes and affects what your baby is breathing. Temperature, humidity levels, the concentration of gases and chemicals in [...]

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Synthetic chemicals affect indoor air quality

Synthetic chemicals in perfumes could be as bad as second-hand smoke for your baby. Achoo! Achoo! Aren’t you familiar with that sudden sneeze when you hold your baby or take him/her close to you? Don’t always blame the weather; it could also be your clothes or the fragrance you are wearing. Thanks to the perfume [...]

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Welcome indoor plants home

Welcome indoor plants home. Improve indoor air quality naturally. While humans mindlessly cause and create indoor air pollution, nature thinks differently. There are certain indoor plants (approved by NASA) that can provide a healthy environment for your baby and family. They work as natural filters and absorb various chemicals and gases floating inside your house. [...]

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A comprehensive guide to maintaining indoor plants

A comprehensive guide to maintaining indoor plants While it is a great idea to have indoor plants that improve the air quality in your house, it’s also important to maintain indoor plants. By taking care of indoor plants, you can avoid mould on the soil. Mould is one of the major causes of indoor air [...]

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Impact of indoor air pollution during the first year of a baby’s life

Impact of indoor air pollution on a baby’s life during the first year Do you know what your baby is breathing? ” The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that indoor air pollution levels are up to five times higher than outdoor air pollution.” Infants inhale more pollutants per kilogram of their body weight From birth up [...]

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Green this season – Magazine Interview – Naomi Maaravi

http://issuu.com/greenthisseason/docs/greenthisseason-issue-number3/1 Recycled and retold Interview with eco fashion designer – Naomi Maaravi “I am a fashion designer, but I work like a sculptor – building every garment piece by piece.” – Naomi Maaravi Naomi Maaravi believes nothing can go to waste, not even a story. While recycled materials form the warp and woof of her [...]

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When design and technology shake hands with each other, beautiful apps are born!

A Guest Post by Sahana Prakash on: http://webjobbing.com/blog/when-design-and-technology-shake-hands-with-each-other-beautiful-apps-are-born-1 Take a moment to look around. You can easily identify at least 2 objects that are an excellent fusion of design and technology. Chances are one of them will be either your tablet or smartphone. Today, human interaction with these devices can happen anywhere, anytime. The challenge, [...]

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5 reasons why apps are a marketer’s best friend.

For a marketer, to not consider making an app is like not replying when your consumer is talking to you. To put it bluntly, it is like ignoring a potential client. Giving your marketing efforts a mobile edge has a huge benefit. 85% of brands are using mobile apps to reach their customers.* It is [...]

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