Today, I wrote down a message, as it was being dictated to me over the telephone. I forgot about it immediately. However, a few days later when I needed it, I simply couldn’t read it. I struggled to make sense out of it. Rotated the paper in all directions to try and understand it; spent about 15 minutes to comprehend 3 lines. The words, which were now gibberish, made me think about the state of my handwriting. Why has it started skewing in all directions? Or more so where did it disappear?
Thinking about it, the last time I wrote a few pages was my examination paper. It has only been 6 years and it seems that I need to go back to school already. During this period, I have unknowingly lost my hand-writing to the key board. I haven’t learnt typing, but my fingers seem to recognize the alphabets on the key pad accurately. They seem to march on the keypad ecstatically. What’s more, we even make small notes on our phones or computers. We just type down important information. The search for a pen is now substituted by the search for the phone. These gizmos are replacing our fingers. The popularity of smart phones is making us stupid. The growing demand for gadgets with touch screen will further alienate us from our hand-writing. Alienate us from the need for writing.
Well, you might think why is your handwriting so important? Because it’s one of those things that is personal to you. It’s unique to you. And if you haven’t realized it still, your computer is writing it for you. You have diligently handed it over to the keypad. Introducing gadgets and gizmos in to your life should not mean they take away what’s yours. Will you not want to leave hand written letters for your grandchildren or rather would you want them to read Microsoft word files? Well, that’s up to you. As of now, let’s try to put a full stop to this slow death.