An intrinsic quality of humans is to adapt. More importantly, adapt to change. One of the revolutionary changes in our lives has been the advent of computers. This man-made machine, today, dictates our life. And may be in the future, our DNA too. After this monumental change, man experienced a snowball effect. Its technology gave birth to many more machines. IPods, laptops, mobile phones, tablet PCs to name a few. A button has replaced a lot of things we did earlier on our own. What did these machines achieve? They created further change in our day to day functioning. We are continuously being caught in the spider web of changes. Even before we adapt to one, another change knocks our door. Although, the big question is, are we able to cope with it?

The birth of technology and its subsequent change in our lifestyle, is seeing the death of our own process of adaptability. We are not able to sit and enjoy something new, because even before we realize, there is a new version of change. Unfortunately, some minds are not capable of adapting at this rate. This creates the vast difference between generations and mindsets. The today’s, social media generation, cannot understand the generation that still believes in meeting friends in person. Who believe in the human touch. But, the changing generation is only touching various machines. It is busy adapting to the ever-changing change. They are losing their human instincts and isolating themselves in this bargain. Man is so busy with his machines, that he is distancing himself from his closed ones. Man is built to take things slow. Yes, he can create, think and deliver at the speed of light, or at least is capable of. But is he able to adapt at the same speed? Think before every time you befriend a technological innovation, because it could slow you down and your easy paced life.