When UX meets Emails

Welcome email –


The welcome email had not been changed for many years. The task was to revamp it by giving it a clear messaging hierarchy and a fresh look and feel.


Focus of the entire email: Think customer first; everything else will follow

I started out with a welcoming tone (purpose of the email) and also embedded it with the brand message. I personalised the email with the destination variable to make it relevant to the user. We merged the icons with text and made it clickable for the user, thus highlighting all the product offerings in the upper half of the email.


Ran a user research study  on the old email. Key findings:
“It doesn’t feel tailored to me. No name or anything personal. It feels like an advertisement.”

  • Using all the research information, I worked closely with designers to create a holistic email
  • A balance between the business goals and user needs was struck by distributing the information across the upper and lower halves of the email
  • I worked with designers, product managers and marketing specialists


We ran a user research study after sending the email.

User feedback:
“The most helpful section is where they can start planning their trip – they were positively surprised by all the other services Booking can offer them.”

  • We saw a 97% increase on the product links
  • A  32% decrease in unsubscribes
  • A 30% increase in bookings, the main metric