A Guest Post by Sahana Prakash on: http://webjobbing.com/blog/when-design-and-technology-shake-hands-with-each-other-beautiful-apps-are-born-1

Take a moment to look around. You can easily identify at least 2 objects that are an excellent fusion of design and technology. Chances are one of them will be either your tablet or smartphone. Today, human interaction with these devices can happen anywhere, anytime.

The challenge, however, is to go beyond the functionality of these devices and create emotionally engaging experiences while using these devices.

Apps play an important role in creating interactivity.
At Appowr, we believe that technology should not limit you, but enable you to express your creativity. We understand that apps play an important role in creating interactivity and immersion. That’s why Appowr has taken the next step and created an online platform that helps you design beautiful and engaging apps. It is an intuitive platform that tickles your instincts and enables you to showcase your ideas to the world in the best possible way.

Appowr empowers you to realize your app ideas by erasing the technical connotations attached with an app! Like every other element in life, apps can be beautiful, and creating them can be an equally pleasant process. Taking this into account, Appowr has created a set of user-friendly templates, which have been designed keeping you in mind.

Add the creative element that your story requires.
There are a range of attractive templates to build your wedding album app or travel app, and some exclusive templates with functionalities on which designers can pour their creativity to build an app. Using these templates will give life to your content and add the creative element that your story requires. After all, no two people have the same story, so why should their apps narrate the same story? It is simple to create an app using the Appowr Platform because you have enormous flexibility in the different templates offered. If you get to understand the flexibility of the templates, you realize the possibilities are endless.

– Johan Kiel – owner of Kiel Design – made an app for ‘Dutchbed’ by DITA LIVING on the Appowr platform.

As the app landscape continues to grow, app design is evolving. And at Appowr, we want more and more businesses and people to understand that designing a beautiful app is a key element in convincing users to love it! After all, you want your app to inspire and interact, not just act.

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