Everyone is creative. Unfortunately, there is no big deal about it. Each one of us, within his/her capacity can think out-of-the-box. But, it could be inside-the-box for someone else. The degree of creativity might alter or differ in perception; but the unrelenting truth is, creativity still thrives in one’s soul. So, what does a creative person do? With the pre-existing, available matter, he makes various permutations and combinations, and comes up with a different solution for a given problem. Be it a writer, photographer, artist, film-maker, designer or any other creative person; he tries various concoctions and combinations. His other side or popularly known as the creative side, is honed a little more as compared to others. Well, you may ask, then how does honing your creative side make you a better individual? Below are a few reasons, I would like to list.

First of all, being a creative is not just a profession. It’s a lifestyle. It’s not just a 9 am – 5 pm job. It is something that arrests you, more often between 5 pm to 9 am. It’s about keeping all your senses active, 24/7. Being a sponge to the world you are exposed to. And exposing oneself to situations, which will induce you to absorb more. Thus, in our lives we are always scrounging for something new to read, see, watch, listen, talk, and learn. We stay hungry; perennially hungry. Someday, watching monkeys climbing a tree on a YouTube video, (which otherwise people, ignore.) can be a major turning point in a script or a book. Thanks to this creature in our body, the brain. It will dig your memory and land you up to this video or at least park your mind on this video, when you need it later. Therefore, as human beings or when we are not being creative; we are never satisfied with what we have. We are always seeking more from our girlfriend, mother, colleague, brother may be the watchman too. We are looking to get more and learn from everyone. But, we just end up learning a big lesson.

Secondly, we creatives are all of made of ideas. Or at least, we like to think that way. But deep down, we all know that more ideas see the face of the bin than face the light of the day. But still, each one of us push our thinking capacities – like an old man pushing a wheelbarrow filled with bricks – to see that one ray of shining, beaming light. To get that one, big idea. So, how does this translate to our lives? Come on, we are so resilient by now, we know that if we push ourselves and try hard, someday we will get somewhere. We tend to, not lose hope; we know that something will work out for the better. We develop Hope and Faith in tomorrow. So, we don’t give up. And in the process, we become patient. And then, we become so patient and build so much faith in hope. That we keep on hoping.

Ultimately, we are resilient, patient, and of course our insatiable hunger keeps us foolish enough. Aren’t we better individuals still? Come on, hardly any other profession provides you such a succinct course in life, while you are at work.