You ate pasta with white sauce for dinner yesterday. But, actually you would have preferred red sauce. That’s why, your poor dog had to eat it all. Is this information going to feed the famine affected South Africans? Well, it will surely feed the minds of readers, who stumble upon this unwanted information updated on your social media site.
These days, we live in parallel worlds. One that exists and another that we have brought into existence. The vicious space of the social media or what is called Facebook, Twitter, etc…Our personal self is becoming public every minute. With every status update you are subconsciously updating information about yourself. Your feelings, emotions, opinions are getting exposed to the world. They are being susceptible to unwanted criticism.
These social media sites have capitalized on human being’s basic need to be social. His want to stay connected and more importantly his want to know. These wants have been fulfilled by creating a user-friendly digital platform. Getting closely involved in them is leading to letting out too much information about ourselves. Yes, exposure is good, but not over exposure. We are slowly developing a conflicting personality. One who we are and one who we are perceived as. Creating this confusion within ourselves is leading to more confusion amongst others, about us. Is all this confusion required? Do we really need to portray our deepest fears, feelings to the world? They will surely create their own impression about you. But, will that impression be truly you. And, just imagine after you die, you have left another you in the cloud. But, is that really you or the perceived you?